The Long Paddle

The Trip

Due to so many Covid restrictions and state borders, the event has been broken into 2 sections and is due to restart on 12th October 2021, border restrictions permitting.


The epic adventurer and board member, Robert Kilsby, has committed to join with other Australian Defence Force Veterans in an endurance kayak expedition event, PADDLING THE LENGTH OF THE MURRAY RIVER in order to raise awareness and funding for Australian Homeless Veterans.

We know that the 2,400km paddle wouldn't be for everyone and many have raised eyebrows and confusion as to why anyone would paddle instead of drive. The cold, cramped, uncomfortable conditions of a 2 month trip in a kayak along the 3rd longest navigable river in the world in the middle of a southern Australian winter, is however, nothing compared to the hardship and uncertainty that faces so many of our fellow former serving veterans and their families today.

Robert has set himself a target of raising $20,000. He NEEDS YOUR HELP in order to do this. While no one is expected to paddle alongside Robert (unless that way inclined), a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

All money raised will go to supporting this marvelous cause and help us raise awareness of the issues facing homeless Veterans!

Donations can be made directly to Warrior Racing through the 'Donate Now' button.

Please also check out how Robert is doing via facebook.