Tony Zahra walked in 2017 the Thai/Burma Rail


Tony Zahra and his Walk Support crew in Peter Heeney, Anthony Lear, Dominic Boyle, Scott Bradshaw, Ben Harris, Chris Hewitson need all the support and funds you can give to help them on this Epic walk along the Burma/Thai Rail Line, through dense jungle in soaring heat up to 50 degrees. Walking over 300km in 22 days. Please give your support for this challenge to make this a great success, for Veterans suffering from mental illness’s. Amputee, Tony Zahra and most of his Support walking crew are full at it , training in Broken Hill, NSW over several months now,. The team of Ben Harris and Chris Hewitson have been full on training in the Gym, swimming, working out in the desert and on local roads. The Team will be joined on the walk by Peter James Heeney, Anthony Lear, Dominic Boyle and Scott Bradshaw and Scott’s Thai wife with the support vehicle and as a translator assisted Scott for liaison with the Thai Police, the Military, local farmers and sourcing logistics on the journey. The walk will start-after the 29th March will be along the old Burma/Thai overgrown rail line for over 300km (where accessible), duration of 22 days walking through dense jungle facing all local elements. This walk is for raising awareness and funds for Veterans with PTSD, anxiety, depression and other types of mental illnesses which could eventually result in suicide amongst our Military veterans and our First Responders. Please get behind and support Tony and Team on this epic journey finishing at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery for ANZAC Day 2018.


In 2018, I was fortunate enough to do a symbolic walk of the Thailand Burma Railway with a small Team. The motivation for the walk was in remembrance of those who had suffered and died in the building of the railway. Also, the aim was to raise awareness and funds to support those who are suffering P.T.S.D. The walk was very challenging and aspirational in many aspects.

We met many local people from all walks of life and are very grateful for their guidance and help along the way. ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Hell Fire Pass was one of the most moving and memorable that I have attended. Followed by the morning service held at Kanchanbury War Cemetery where I was honoured along with Domonic Boyle (SC) in placing a wreath on the Memorial. We met hundreds of people who were amazed at our feat. I would really like to thank the Team that supported me along with the Community of Broken Hill. Also, those who were a part of the Tour Group that supported Warrior Racing Ltd.

I owe a special thank you the people of Thailand and to the Thai Army, for allowing us to sleep at Hell Fire Pass. A special mention goes to Kevin Otway, Greg Marini, Gym Girls, Slam Duncan, Phil Grossi, Scott and Kay the Interpreters, Ning our safety car driver, the Monks and Ben Harris who never left my side.

Thank you to the RFDS Broken Hill for supplying emergency communication for the walk in Thailand.