Australian Homeless Veterans

We are proud to announce the formation of Australian Homeless Veterans.


Australian Homeless Veterans will operate under auspices of Warrior Racing Limited.


Warrior Racing Limited is a Not-for-Profit registered charity organisation that raises funds and awareness to support Australian Defence Force serving members, veterans and their families.


Australian Homeless Veterans recognised the need to provide assistance to the many veterans that are homeless. Why and how they become homeless is often complex and the real answers take time and effort to achieve.


What we do know is that there is very little support for these homeless veterans and Australian Homeless Veterans aims to fill that gap by providing hands on support with boots on the ground where it matters.


We care about veterans and serving members of the ADF many of who are suffering from physical disabilities and mental health issues. We manage this by contributing to organisations who support rehabilitation and wellbeing.


Our primary goal is to make a positive and lasting difference to our beneficiaries and support and encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and destiny.


If you know of a veteran who is homeless and requires assistance, please call:                   Australian Homeless Veterans on 0480 118 362 / 0425 262 634.

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