Our Goals

With your help we can achieve our goals which are to:

  • Raise funds for veterans

  • Make a profit and give it to beneficiary Veteran Organisations

  • Improve community understanding of veterans’ hardships

  • Encourage community and veteran participation

  • House homeless veterans

  • Provide counselling for homeless veterans

  • Assist veterans with volunteer work

Mission Statement


We care about veteran and serving members of the ADF suffering from physical disabilities and post traumatic stress disorders through contributing to organisations who support rehabilitation and wellbeing.


Our primary goal is to make a positive and lasting difference to our beneficiaries, support and encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and destiny.


The Warrior Racing Executives must be persons of talent, education, experience, stamina and ability that demonstrate a person of common sense, understanding, compassion and is supportive of community. 

Car Racing

The racing team will encourage and attract donations and sponsorship through representation and racing results. The team must also return good results and always show fairness and support for other competitors.

Australian Homeless Veterans

Medical - Physc - Advocate - Monitor

Warrior Racing  |  ABN 83 160 632 923

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